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Ohio Recovery Institute Detox is an organization dedicated to offering detoxification treatment and personalized care to victims of drug abuse and addiction. We are a team of medical experts trained to administer long-term health and well-being treatment plans to drug abuse and addiction patients.

We know just about what each of our client needs, and we have specific treatment and personalized care plans to attend to each client depending on their situation.


Our Mission

Our mission at Ohio Recovery Institute Detox is to create a safe and serene therapeutic environment that aids quick recovery for our clients and provides comfort for their families/guardians. We engage the Twelve-Step program to achieve this 100 percent.

Our goal is to administer the best quality of detox treatment services in the whole of Ohio for the speedy recovery of our clients who are battling drug abuse and addiction. Our focus is to see our clients become better than when they first came. Hence, we engage some of the best therapists and medical experts in our programs and ensure that our clients enjoy maximum comfort for quick recovery.


Detox Services Like No Other in Ohio

Ever gone through the whole of Ohio? We offer the best detox Services you can ever imagine. Our medical personnel are experts in their fields. They are trained to understand drug abuse and addiction victims’ psychology. Hence, we have all it takes to restore anyone going through a hard time dealing with drug abuse and addiction at any level.

At Ohio Recovery Institute Detox, our facilities are top-notch, providing maximum care and comfort for both our clients and their families/guardians. Our detox center is serene enough to calm our clients while our medical experts administer treatments.

Our strategically designed detox treatment plans are second to none in the whole of Ohio. Our recovery programs are designed to accommodate drug abuse and addiction victims at different levels, including men and women. Our treatment plans, coupled with the serene environment, are capable of helping our clients become sober and respond to a quick recovery.

We don’t just treat our patients at Ohio Recovery Institute Detox; we engage every professional strategy, including psychology, motivation, exercise, development of new habits, etc., to help our clients recover as soon as possible.

Our team of detox experts are people with a strong passion for helping others gain their freedom from alcoholism, drug abuse, and addiction; hence they go the extra mile to sacrifice for the speedy recovery of our clients. We also do not fail to respect our clients irrespective of their circumstances because we believe they can always be better individuals.


mission of Recovery Institute of Ohio

Our Detox Treatment Services and Programs

At Ohio Recovery Institute Detox, we offer intensive treatment and care to victims of alcohol and drug abuse, as well as those suffering from both mental health disorders and substance use addiction. Our multiple-level detoxification treatment plans are designed to engender sustainable recovery from drug abuse, addiction, and mental health disorder.

Our programs include:

  • Residential treatment
  • Partial Hospital Program (PHP)
  • Outpatient Program (OP)
  • Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

Our team of medical experts strategically recommends a program for our clients after due diagnosis and critical examination of the factors surrounding each case. Therefore, every client is sure of getting the most suitable program and treatment for their specific case.

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At Ohio Recovery Institute Detox, we are more than happy and willing to help victims gain their freedom from alcoholism, as well as drug abuse and addiction. Do you need help, or you know someone who needs help? Contact us now!

Phone: (866) 578-0525 or send a message now and get feedback ASAP.

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