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In Northwest Ohio, just at the edge of Lake Erie, you can find the Recovery Institute of Ohio. Here, we provide several services that aid individuals who struggle with substance abuse.

Unlike residential and outpatient treatment programs, our Partial hospitalization program, called the day treatment program, creates a supportive, structured, safe, and less restrictive environment for each client. This, in turn, promotes accountability, self-respect, and positive growth in the lives of every patient.

Partial Hospitalization Program — What It’s All About

Partial hospitalization program is our very own hybrid; it takes the best parts of residential treatment – which is its well-structured environment and mixes it up with the pros of outpatient treatment.

The result of this perfect combination is the significant and consistent wins in the battle against drug and alcohol addiction. In fact, many studies have shown the positive role partial hospitalization has played in the recovery process of clients diagnosed with substance use disorder or other mental health conditions.

In the day treatment programs, the following are some of the services we render to our clients:

  • Activities at the wellness center (stress management/recreational therapy).
  • Music and art therapy.
  • Programs for the development of life skills.
  • Medication administration and psychiatric evaluation (if needed).
  • Domestic violence and anger management/aggression control groups.
  • Assist with housing (if needed).
  • The clinical team provides individual, group, and family treatment.
  • Participation in career readiness programs and job searches on the internet
  • Job applications/resumes and interview preparation
  • Meeting dates and a 12-step meeting list (AA, NA, etc.).
  • Employment schedule (treatment schedule is adjusted for working clients).
  • .Individual sessions with your primary therapist once a week.
  • UA/breathalyzer testing at random.
  • Legal, medical, educational, employment, transportation, and other case management.

How Does Partial Hospitalization Program Work?

After completing residential treatment, a partial hospitalization program (PHP) is usually given as a step-down program. PHP doesn’t have the complete structure of residential treatment, and this provides patients with the skills, encouragement, support, and facilities they need to re-enter society. The partial hospitalization program also continues to provide high-level help and rehabilitative activities temporarily.

Patients are not required to stay overnight for observation during our partial hospitalization program. This substance abuse rehabilitation program involves treatment activities lasting between five and six hours each day for five to seven days per week.

Patients who are ready and able to fully engage in therapy after completing detox and residential treatment are more likely to prosper in a partial hospitalization program.

The following are some of PHP’s advantages:

  • Therapy sessions that are structured and intensive are held regularly.
  • Access to medical care is boosted.
  • Support sessions and classes are done routinely.

The following are some of the added benefits of undergoing PHP at Drug Rehab Ohio:

●     Daytime Rehabilitation Program With a Structured Schedule:

The program schedule highlights the importance of a partial hospitalization program to an individual’s early recovery efforts. It reinforces the notion that developing skill sets needed to stay healthy is a primary concern.

●     Program Hours:

To help re-adjust our clients to the regular working hours of employment life outside, the partial hospitalization program runs its activities in a schedule similar to office-based employment.

●     Long-lasting Recovery:

Individuals who continue their recovery process by enrolling in the PHP after completion of the medically monitored detox and residential treatment programs have been seen to have a higher chance of enjoying life-long recovery; the same cannot be said for those who only attended one program.

It is important to remember that although a partial hospitalization program is a step down from inpatient treatment, it is the best possible approach for cultivating healthy and sober habits for clients with substance abuse disorder and other mental health conditions.

How Effective is The Partial Hospitalization Program?

The effectiveness of this program largely depends on the environment in which the client finds themselves when they leave our rehabilitation facility. As a result, the clients in PHP should have a stable, safe, and supportive environment that encourages them to do away with their unhealthy habits.

Most patients who relapse come from families with a history of substance abuse, neglect, or domestic abuse; this is why the addiction specialists at Recovery Institute of Ohio are in charge of selecting what program is best for who.

Must Partial Hospitalization Program Necessarily Follow Residential Treatment Program?

People tend to assume that completing the residential treatment automatically translates to instant recovery, and this is not the case. At Recovery Institute of Ohio, we have noticed that the more medical and psychological support a client receives, the easier and less stressful it is for them and their family members to manage their conditions.

Clients aren’t required to stay in residential therapy for the duration of their treatment. They can choose step-down programs like partial hospitalization (PHP), intensive outpatient (IOP), and outpatient programs (OP) to gradually reintegrate them into society while still receiving medical care and therapeutic assistance.

Individuals who require immediate addiction treatment but cannot abandon their obligations may benefit from a partial hospitalization program. If sticking to residential treatment proves challenging, you might want to consider choosing a partial hospitalization program.

Some clients still find it difficult to adjust to the structure of partial hospitalization, and that’s okay. If PHP doesn’t provide the necessary growth and positive improvements required for your full recovery, you can always opt into a lower-level program like IOP and OP.

What Is the Cost of Partial Hospitalization?

Since the partial hospitalization program is not a high-intensity treatment program, its cost will not be as expensive as the residential treatment. As a general rule, the more intensive a treatment program is, the more expensive it is.

When ranking the three primary treatments in the order of expense, residential treatment, PHP, and out-patient treatment. PHP comes before OP because its services provide a higher level of medical and therapeutic care.

Can Insurance Cover A PHP Program?

This is totally dependent on the type of insurance plan and company you subscribe to. Your insurance may or may not cover the bills of a partial hospitalization program. That is why it is imperative you contact your insurance provider before applying to our program.

For inquiries on payment and application processes, contact us

Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Centre

A person’s recovery journey starts from the center they choose for their treatment program. Selecting the right rehab center for yourself, a family member, or a friend is the first and best step toward life-long recovery.

To pick the most suitable addiction rehabilitation center, you must realistically picture the goals you wish to achieve from rehab. Knowing these targets will also assist you in enrolling in the best therapeutic program for your condition.

Doing this on your own might be difficult; it is usually overwhelming in these situations. There’s no need to panic; an addiction treatment specialist can help determine what program is perfect for you.

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