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Max King

CDCA  Primary Therapist

Max was born and raised in Sandusky, OH and has been working as a substance abuse counselor since 2015. He is very passionate in what he does. He is happily married and is a father of two. He graduated with his Bachelors Degree in Applied Behavioral Science from Ashford University and is currently attending Grand Canyon University to obtain his Masters of Social Work. Max is a published recovery self-help author with his book titled The Proud Addict with many more titles to come. On February 27, 2022 Max celebrated 8 years of continuous sobriety.

Max’s first drink was at the early age of 6 and throughout his active addiction he found ways to numb his mind from his emotions and problems. Max was an honors student in grade school to only have his grades begin to decline once introduced to marijuana and alcohol in middle school. His drug use began to escalate even more in high school to a point of using opioids heavily daily by the end of his senior year. Max then began using cocaine and other stimulants and became homeless for 3 months at the age of 19. After stopping the use of cocaine, he began to heavily drink alcohol, get into legal trouble, and put himself in danger of alcohol poisoning on a daily basis. After two trips to the intensive care unit from alcohol poisoning Max decided to enter treatment for his alcohol and drug use in Columbus, OH and the rest is history.
Max is a proud member of the Recovery Institute of Ohio and is ready to do everything he can to help those in need.

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